5 Important Books About Forex Trading Every Trader Needs To Read

Even seasoned hands-on investors often find the world of foreign currency, or forex, intimidating. However, there are many publications on the topic of currency trading, ranging from fundamental analyses of the forex market to sophisticated systems based on technical and fundamental analysis. These five are among the best and have withstood both time and the ups and downs of the FX market.

  • Currency Trading for Dummies by Brian Dolan:

The best of the bunch for beginners is Currency Trading for Dummies. It provides descriptions of the forex market and clear, simple guidelines for trading currencies. In fact, it’s not a bad read for seasoned professionals who only need a fast review of the fundamentals. The financial media frequently uses it as a reference. Brian Dolan, a former chief currency strategist at Forex.com, and Kathleen Brooks, the company’s director of research, co-wrote the updated edition of the 2011 book.

Even experienced investors who are accustomed to getting their hands dirty find foreign currency, often known as forex, to be rather scary. Fortunately, there are several forex books available that go through every aspect of currency trading. From basic introductions to forex to sophisticated strategies based on both fundamental and technical analysis, everything is available.

Since there are no longer any national boundaries and technology and communication have expanded to previously unimaginable levels, foreign exchange has grown to be an integral part of the global economy. We alert you to the greatest books on FX trading. The list of such books is as follows: 

  • Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency 

Market by Kathy Lien:

As managing director of BK Asset Management and a well-known currency analyst, Kathy Lien frequently appears on Bloomberg, CNBC, and Reuters programmes. Her book, which is currently in its third edition, uses a two-pronged strategy that blends theory and practical knowledge with a balanced understanding of the fundamental and technical forex trading tactics intended to produce consistent gains. Forex basics including the long- and short-term causes affecting currency pairs are explained step-by-step in Lien’s book. She also discusses the day-to-day trading methods based on technical analysis employed by experienced forex traders.

  • Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison:

The Western world first saw this flexible technical analysis method through Steve Nison’s Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques, which is now frequently employed by forex traders. Candlestick charting, which is also used for futures, speculation, hedging, equities, and anywhere else technical analysis may be applied, is extensively and in-depthly covered in the book. For traders looking to improve their trading tactics, Nison’s work is appropriate. The Candlestick Course, Beyond Candlesticks: New Japanese Charting Techniques Revealed, and Strategies for Profiting with Japanese Candlestick Charts are some of the sequels Nison has produced.

  • How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange by Courtney Smith:

How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange by Courtney Smith opens with an explanation of the forex market’s operation. However, the majority of this 2010 work is focused on generating income, providing six techniques to do so through trading. Additionally, he offers useful risk management strategies and information on the psychology of trading. It explains Smith’s original “rejection rule,” a tactic intended to double the revenue produced by straightforward channel breakout systems by twofold.

  • Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms by Jim Brown:

The focus of this book is on introducing the fundamentals to new readers, as the title suggests. At a private event for stock dealers, the author, a self-taught fx trader, became fascinated by currency exchange and its potential for profit. The essay is notable for Brown’s straightforward writing style, which never assumes the reader is knowledgeable while remaining respectful. The fundamentals covered include:

Definitions of the foreign exchange market and forex:

  1. Techniques for exits and entrances
  2. Forex psychology
  3. The details of forex pair trading
  4. locations for currency exchange
  5. Tips for how to choose a broker

A beginner can utilise Brown’s own trading strategy, or at the very least be inspired by it and use it as a model for developing a customised one.

Most Asked Questions:

1. Where in the forex market is the greatest spot to trade?

Ans: A wide variety of FX pairings and currency indexes are accessible to users at CMC Markets via a single, award-winning* trading interface. Start trading forex to have access to the 330+ currency pairs offered on our platform.

2. Can a full-time career in forex trading be profitable?

Ans: Although it requires a significant amount of dedication to get to that level, some traders who utilise forex as their full-time employment are successful. In order to replace an income, forex trading requires either a high monthly return on a small amount of money or a low but steady monthly return on a large account balance. To get extra money, take into consideration how to trade. Take into account whether forex trading provides the stability and amount of income required to replace a job if returns and income develop along with consistency. 

3. What Exactly Is Forex Training?

Forex training is a type of specialised education or mentorship that teaches forex trading tactics, methods, and effective practises.

Ans: The foreign exchange market, sometimes known as forex, is a market in which banks, firms, brokers, hedge funds, investors, and other participants can buy, sell, exchange, and speculate on the relative values of various world currencies.

4. What Exactly Is a Forex E-Book?

Ans: A forex ebook, as the name implies, is a form of electronic book that deals with foreign exchange trading. Forex e-books are popular among new traders who want to learn about the high-level principles and trading strategies utilized in the forex market.

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